Signs & Nameplates

Warning Signs

Hi tack weatherproof warning stickers, for use in company vehicles, machinery, industrial plant and CCTV.

It is the responsibility of all companies to warn and instruct both customers and employees of the dangers in the workplace. Durable materials will stand up to indoor and outdoor conditions. Label stock that will meet specific criteria on special applications, security and variable temperatures.

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Warning labels

Used for attracting attention to certain environments or specialised goods. Packages that are maybe fragile or hazardous, need special consideration. We hold a stock of standard items or we can manufacture to your unique design.

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Rigid plates with precise markings, safety instructions and company branding.

Anodised aluminium and stainless steel. Used where long life, abrasion and solvent resistance are required. Serial numbers and other variable data to be permanently marked onto the surface along with company details. Whether it is a plain simple nameplate or something more complex, we can provide the solution.

  • Fixing method - Drilled fixing holes or a choice of adhesive.
  • Anodising is a chemical process that converts aluminium with a thin layer or oxide to help prevent corrosion. The protective coating, steamed to seal the pores, is insoluble and a good insulator. The printed colour's are then resistant to sunlight.

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